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Webinar Review: Spring Clean Your Marketing Plan

By Lauren Evans Blog

Whether a small business or a company with over 1000 employees, every business needs a marketing plan to stay on track with business goals and budgets while maximizing opportunities. In the past, the key to success was revisiting marketing plans annually, but today, modern marketers recommend reassessing more frequently.

In the AMA New Orleans hosted webinar, Spring Clean Your Marketing, three panelists, Malcolm Schwarzenbach (Partner / Director of Brand Strategy at Trumpet), Tristan Babin (Field Communications Advisor at Phillips 66), and Christine Briede (Executive Director at The Jefferson Foundation), shared their tips on keeping marketing plans up to date in an everchanging world.

Do Reconnaissance, Not Research. 

Do not limit yourself to preliminary research. While routine checks on your competitors and industry are encouraged, it is important to look beyond the numbers and gauge sentiment regularly, whether through social listening, focus groups, or surveys. While data informs a lot of decisions, understanding how your business is perceived allows you the opportunity to market more effectively.

Stay Nimble.

Despite the varying industries in which our panelists work, they all agree that being nimble is your best asset. Nothing goes as planned, as COVID taught them, so their advice is to be adaptable and move forward. 

Spring Cleaning Marketing Checklist

The beginning of Q2 and Spring is the perfect time to do a marketing clean-up if you haven’t already. Here’s where to start:

  1. Review data and consumer sentiment. Develop next steps and redefine objectives. 
  2. Go through website content and social media profiles to ensure information is up to date. 
  3. Scrub email lists, removing hard bounces and unsubscribes. 
  4. Examine social media efforts and plan the marketing calendar for the next quarter. 
  5. Perform photo cull. Organize usable images, and discard/archive images that are no longer relevant. 
  6. Monitor your online reputation across platforms, looking for reoccurring themes. 
  7. Review keywords and audience targeting, updating where necessary.
  8. For security purposes, review platform access and update passwords. 

Let’s Get Real: Building Virtual Relationships So You Can Sell More!

By Olivia Morgan Blog

It often seems as if going digital — whether it’s been your preferred method of working for years, or a recent adaptation due to the COVID-19 pandemic — completely flips the game of sales and relationship management on its head. “While it is true that everything has changed, the reality is that nothing is really different,” Tom Martin explained in his recent webinar for the New Orleans Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Tom is the founder and President of Converse Digital, and author of The Invisible Sale and Sell Greatly. For most of his career he’s worked with clients outside of New Orleans, and has perfected the art of engaging in a digital space.

Tom has developed a method of five P’s: Proximity, Preparation, Presence, Patience, and Preference, to stand out when building virtual relationships. The greatest of these, he insists are preparation and proximity. He suggests conducting social reconnaissance to ensure you never talk to a stranger. Start with LinkedIn and Facebook to find out not only who you need to be talking to, but the catalysts for future conversations. This is also a great way to build proximity to those you hope to form a relationship with.

Tom sees relationship building not unlike a taco truck- we must find where our clients are and take ourselves to them. Once those needs have been met, we must move again to somewhere else and continue to always find the markets where people are already interested. This is how we build propinquity- they state of being close to someone not just physically, but emotionally as well.

We’ve come a long way from when buying attention to land a sale was common — taking a client to dinner, attending a ball game, or drinks. Now that we live in a virtual world, it is more important than ever to earn someone’s attention, because it is easier now to simply ignore an email, or a call. Tom says the key in building any relationship is to always be of value, not simply in a transactional relationship for one’s benefit.

You can learn more about Tom’s “5P’s of Successful Sales” in his latest book, The Invisible SaleView the full webinar here to hear Tom’s answers to questions and examples of building strong digital relationships.

By Olivia Morgan, Fund Development Coordinator at Culture Aid Nola.

AMA New Orleans Announces New President, Board of Directors for 2020-2021

By Michael Cook Featured

September 10, 2020

NEW ORLEANS, La. – The New Orleans chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) has announced its new board of directors and president for the 2020-2021 board term. The new board features 10 first-time members as well as two returning members. Former board president Christine Briede will also rejoin the board of directors as VP of Membership.

Mariska Morse, the co-founder of Forté Foundation who brings decades of experience in nonprofit management, will take over the position of board president from immediate past president Tristan Babin.

“I’m excited to help AMA New Orleans grow its footprint in the greater New Orleans community,” said Morse. “The AMA has been a pillar of the marketing community for decades, and marketers are looking for guidance now more than ever.” 

The complete 2020-2021 board roster includes:

  • Mariska Morse, President
  • Michael Cook, Secretary
  • Robert Baer, Treasurer
  • Haley Pegg, Executive Director
  • Tristan Babin, Immediate Past President
  • Christine Briede, Membership Chair
  • Anna LeDonne, Programming Chair
  • Priscilla Medina, Communications Chair
  • Will Monson, Creative Chair
  • Josh Owen, Public Relations Chair
  • Liz Johnson, Data/Insights Chair
  • Allison Herrera, Social Media Chair
  • Leigh Landeche, Website/Technology Chair
  • Mike Crimmins

AMA New Orleans first started in 1956 and has long been a staple of the marketing community in the greater New Orleans area. The chapter looks forward to providing educational and networking opportunities to businesses and marketing professionals in the coming year.

AMA New Orleans will host virtual programming for the remainder of 2020 available to members and non-members. Check for a full event schedule soon.

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