A Forward Look Into Emerging 2016 Marketing Trends


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Every year, Mintel, the world’s leading Market Intelligence firm, rounds up a global lead of thought leaders, to predict market-moving trends based on current events, legislation, innovations, and more.

Since we’re all about staying ahead of the trends, we sent a team of research experts to Mintel’s most recent summit in New York. See some of our favorite trends below, or download the full report from Mintel here.

Media Consumption Is All About the Yin & Yang

Consumers have a plethora of different, unique facets to their personas, and they want to nourish them all. This is fueled by the paradox of choice, leading consumers to go to extremes to feel like they have it all. For brands to capitalize on this, they should encourage consumers to make room for indulgences in their balanced lives.

The Big Brand Theory

A story can make or break a brand, as consumers strive to create deep, authentic connections with the brands they engage with.

Written by: Marisa Davis, Manager, Brand Marketing at MNI Targeted Media

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