NOLA AMA on Facebook

By AMA New Orleans | February 22, 2017

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Data-Driven Content Development

By AMA New Orleans | February 6, 2017

Content marketing is the art of creating and distributing relevant and valuable information to drive more engagement, traffic, leads and closes. Content may include email, blogs, direct mail, visual (e.g. infographics, tables, graphics), conference presentations, webinars, and gated content (e.g. eBooks, case studies, white papers). Typically, the target audience is clearly defined and well understood. […]


4 Steps to Marketing Yourself with LinkedIn

By AMA New Orleans | February 22, 2016

By Danielle Dayries When you see a powder-blue bird you immediately recognize it as Twitter, when you see a swoosh logo you know that’s Nike, and when you hear a few quick soft tones from your smart device you know you’ve received a Facebook message. This connection is corporate branding. As the master of your […]


Fill Out the AMA New Orleans Survey. Win a Free Luncheon.

By AMA New Orleans | January 20, 2016

As a valued member of the New Orleans marketing community, we invite you to participate in a brief survey that will allow the New Orleans chapter of the American Marketing Association to better serve its constituents. Your participation in this survey will help AMA New Orleans board as they plan for the year. Q2 Insights, […]


A Forward Look Into Emerging 2016 Marketing Trends

By AMA New Orleans | January 13, 2016

  Every year, Mintel, the world’s leading Market Intelligence firm, rounds up a global lead of thought leaders, to predict market-moving trends based on current events, legislation, innovations, and more. Since we’re all about staying ahead of the trends, we sent a team of research experts to Mintel’s most recent summit in New York. See […]


“Know me!” —The Personalization Revolution

By AMA New Orleans | November 12, 2015

By Sandra Jordan, MNI Targeted Media Knowing your consumers and their habits will be the key to engagement and success in 2016. 56% of consumers say that the most important element of their retail experience is that the information shared with them online is relevant to what they are currently interested in or looking to buy. […]


Value-Based Pricing Strategy

By AMA New Orleans | April 20, 2015

One of the main issues faced when releasing a new product or service is how much to charge. There are many different pricing strategies; however, few companies use a pricing strategy that is focused on the customer as opposed to the product or service. Value-based pricing is a pricing strategy which sets the price of […]


Projective Techniques in Qualitative Market Research

By AMA New Orleans | April 13, 2015

Qualitative market research is often aimed at increasing understanding of consumers’ thoughts and feelings toward brands, products, concepts, advertising, social issues and other important topics. Projective techniques are indirect methods used in qualitative research. These techniques allow researchers to tap into consumers’ deep motivations, beliefs, attitudes and values. This is important because psychology has told […]


Identifying Restaurant Choice Decision Drivers Using Research

By AMA New Orleans | April 6, 2015

When making a restaurant choice what is often first discussed is the proximity of the restaurant, the time available to dine (a quick bite to eat or a leisurely meal) and the type of cuisine desired. However, there are many other critical drivers of restaurant choice that are at work in our minds though not […]


How To Know An Insight When You See One

By AMA New Orleans | March 30, 2015

The term “insights” is an oft-bandied-about term in marketing circles. As often as the term is used, it is clear that not everyone understands the difference between an insight, a research finding, a data point, and an opinion. In the world of market research, an insight is something that was not previously articulated or understood […]


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