By Sandra Jordan, MNI Targeted Media

Knowing your consumers and their habits will be the key to engagement and success in 2016.

  • 56% of consumers say that the most important element of their retail experience is that the information shared with them online is relevant to what they are currently interested in or looking to buy.
  • 52% want relevant content that considers their personal taste, style, age group, or location.
  • 36% of shoppers say real-time, personalized offers on their mobile devices as they enter a store would enhance their shopping experience.

*Source: eMarketer, August 2015; eMarketer, October 2015.


Let’s Get Personal

Consumer-facing businesses are tackling the challenge of personalization. Get ahead of the competition and reach the consumers who are most likely to move your bottom line.

  • Consumer Targeting—Reach consumers who frequently shop online, based on their browsing behavior, online purchases, and shopping cart abandonment.
  • Influencer Marketing—Partner with key people who have influence over your potential consumers and who are in-market for your products.
  • Contextual Targeting—Reach customers who are visiting relevant shopping content.
  • Search and Site Retargeting—Target individuals who are constantly seeking information online.
  • In-App Targeting—Reach shoppers who are constantly glued to their devices.
  • Geo-Fencing—Serve ads to consumers who are performing searches on their mobiles in-store.