How Much Did You Learn from the Internal Marketing Tools of Engagement Presentation?? Please let us know in the comments, what you learned and what you liked about the luncheon!

Did you miss something from Sybil Stershic’s presentation on Internal Marketing Tools of Engagement? Well not to worry, she has shared a PDF of her presentation with us! And if you weren’t there, here’s a brief description of what she talked about with the link for the presentation below…

In today’s pressure cooker environment, employees are increasingly at risk of becoming disengaged and adversely affecting co-workers, customers and the bottom line. This means your best efforts to build and maintain a favorable brand impression can be undermined by employees. What can you do to ensure they’ll work with you in delivering brand promise?

Learn how to engage the people who most impact your marketing and organizational success. This interactive session shares critical insights and the practical tools you can use to strengthen employee and customer engagement. During the luncheon, Sybil will teach us:

  • why engagement matters to marketers, not just HR
  • best practices for building customer- and employee-focused culture
  • what you can do to better engage your employees and customers. (Hint: It’s easier than you think!)

Click here to see Sybil’s Presentation.