So, I am getting ready to leave for the Northshore luncheon and am pretty bummed about the fact that there are only 15 pre-registered attendees. Is it the speaker? The topic? The location? The fact that this is the 2nd AMA event in 2 weeks-3rd in 3 for my board members? I do realize that it takes quite a bit of time out of the day to travel that bridge for a mid-day event, so perhaps that’s all it is. I really need to know, though. We are doing our best to answer all the needs of our members and provide a mix of opportunities from networking and socializing to education and professional development, but I wonder if they are somehow cannibalizing each other.

We only have 1 event scheduled for next month (sorry, not for you board members), and it is a lunch & lecture from Bridgestone Tires regarding their Super Bowl sponsorship. It sounds pretty interesting and who doesn’t love football and Super Bowl ads?!? So, I’m anticipating (and maybe hoping a little bit) that one will be a little better attended and received.

In December, we have a national event coming to town, had planned to do a holiday social event-perhaps in conjunction with the national conference since it falls during the same time frame and are planning to bring back the Louisiana brand panel that was such a hit last year. If you have any Louisiana-brands-gone-national that you would like to hear from or have questions regarding their strategies, please do post them or email them to us at Like momma always said, “You’ll never know if you don’t ask.”

I look forward to hearing from you guys and seeing you at some of the upcoming events. If we have not answered your needs as a member, please do let me know, so we can add it to the to-do list. Coming soon: member directory for members only! Check back to be sure to get dibs! Have a great weekend and Halloween!