Whoa! Where has the summer gone? The weather is already feeling more fall-like, football has started, and the board is scrambling to make sure that this year starts–and finishes–strong! We just had our first board meeting where we were presented our member survey results and recommendations by sponsor Q2 Insights and have already begun implementing changes to the AMA calendar to include many of the suggestions requested by our members. The first of which was the member orientation, which we hope answered any questions about AMA membership and also gave members an introduction and opportunity to meet with the Board of Directors. The meeting was a breakfast event, which was also requested through the member survey. We have also decided to add more evening, social, networking and professional development opportunities to our calendar to be sure and fulfill everyone’s expectations of their membership. Please be on the lookout for information regarding those events. Or if you would like to help develop these new, members only events and benefits, please contact our Co-VPs of Development.

Our Programming team has been working tirelessly to bring in the top-notch speakers, presenters and educators that we’ve come to expect from AMA NOLA. I am really looking forward to getting some Consumer Insights from Lisa Wilson with United Healthcare and figure out how to “humanize the research data” and make it usable for marketing at next week’s luncheon. Then, on the 29th, we have Chris Thornton from Definition 6 coming to give us the inside scoop on the successful viral campaigns of Coke and the HBO original series, True Blood. So excited about that, and that is only the beginning! Keep checking your mailboxes and inboxes for the fall line-up from AMA NOLA to be sure that you don’t miss out on anything. If you would prefer to stay updated through social media, be sure to like us on facebook or follow us on twitter for current news and events. You could also talk back to us and let us know what you want to see, hear or know more about, or if you’ve got a fave speaker that you want to share, please do!

We are still looking for sponsors to sponsor our 2011-2012 Speaker Series. We are hoping to tie up much of the promotional materials this week, so to be sure you are included in our marketing materials as a sponsor, please be sure to contact our VP of Sponsorship as soon as possible to sign up. We appreciate our sponsors and know that we could not continue to be the leader in marketing education and knowledge sharing without them. Please be sure to show your appreciation through reciprocation!

If you were unable to make the member orientation and have questions on how to get the full benefit of membership or to sign up for a volunteer position or committee, please email us for information! We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at the next event!