The 2011 Marketing Awards of Excellence (MAX) will honor marketing programs executed in the year 2010, which are deemed by a panel of judges to be true examples of marketing excellence. Winners will be recognized at the AMA New Orleans Awards Luncheon on June 9, 2011 at the The National WWII Museum.

Much like the National Effie Awards, the MAX competition is about effectiveness. Entries will be judged on how the various marketing elements – strategy, creative, media, research – worked together to achieve measurable results. We will also recognize an individual, company or product as Brand Champion of the Year.

ELIGIBILITY: Both New Orleans AMA members and non-members are invited to enter the MAX Awards and Brand Champion of the Year competition.

  • Any company, non-profit organization, marketing / advertising agency, or consulting service which developed and implemented a marketing program in Louisiana during the calendar year 2010 is eligible to enter the MAX competition.
  • Campaigns must have launched during the respective calendar year and have results relative to 2010 to qualify.
  • Student entries may be submitted for work done in an academic environment for a grade, a class project or a student competition.

  1. Visual Branding / Identity – Logo, branding and identity systems
  2. Integrated Marketing Campaign – Integrated campaign that aligns multiple media with specific audience needs/wants
  3. Direct Response Marketing – Campaign with a direct response objective to generate leads or responses
  4. E-mail Marketing – Direct Response campaign using e-mail as a primary communication medium
  5. Web & Interactive Marketing – Web presence or interactive marketing vehicle delivered online
  6. Search Marketing – Use of search optimization techniques to improve website traffic
  7. Social Media Marketing – Use of Web 2.0 tools and/or websites to affect desired audience response to a product, service or brand

    • Comprehensive campaign
    • Tactic
  8. Integrated PR Campaign – Public relations campaign intended to raise market awareness or response

    • Corporation
    • Agency
  9. Advertising – Purchased media to raise awareness, interest or response

    • Corporation
    • Agency
  10. Event Marketing – Produced, independent event or trade show
  11. Research – Company or agency that has used marketing research
  12. Special Events – Company or agency that has coordinated / promoted / executed a special event or special events
  13. Mobile Marketing – Company or agency that has used mobile applications (iPhone, Droid, etc.) and/or SMS campaign within a campaign or as its own marketing initiative
  14. Location-Based Social Media – Company or agency that has successfully leveraged LBS including Foursquare, Facebook Places, and Gowalla to drive revenue increases

Call for Entries –  Have a campaign or marketing program you want to submit? Use this flyer to promote it to your management team!

MAX Awards Entry Forms – detailed PDF including entry forms, how to enter and more.